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My Services


Sometimes we all need a place to be heard, without distraction or judgement. Often, we are caregivers to others, but do not take the time we need to care for ourselves. Or maybe we feel misunderstood or unsupported. Devoting an hour to your needs is a place to start. You may be dealing with recurring patterns you cannot break on your own, or you may be derailed by a recent loss. I am hear to sit with you in your grief, and to help you realize your full potential. Whether you are experiencing sadness, isolation, anxiety or frustration, I am here to stand with you, as a sounding board and advocate.


Couples can get sidetracked with day-to-day complications. It can be hard to maintain connection. Sometimes we pull away or make decisions we regret, causing shame and resentment that is hard to overcome. With couples, I incorporate aspects of Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), with the idea of developing a secure attachment bond and moving past the patterns of arguments you may replay again and again in your relationship. Having an unbiased perspective and trying a new approach can break your patterns.


I offer two types of group therapy, support and process. Support groups are important in times of grief and illness, when you need to connect to others experiencing similar difficulties. This is a unique way to relate, and offers unsurpassed healing and stability. In process groups, we can explore how you relate to others and others relate to you first hand, interactively, offering an in-the-moment reflection of your impact on others and your processing of their effect on you.


Often in families, the focus is on one individual or a subset of members who have formed an alliance, when in actuality the trouble faced is a symptom of family communication breakdown as a whole. In family sessions, traditional Structural Family Therapy (SFT) addresses patterns within family arguments, where the focus of treatment is on changing the family structure rather than changing individual family members.


One of my areas of specialty is Grief Support. Through my work with Our House and UCLA, I have worked with clients who have lost loved ones either unexpectedly or after a long battle with illness. These clients are diverse, representing parents, children, siblings and partners. I work individually with clients to process their bereavement, and also offer ongoing groups to connect clients with each other for increased support.


Another specialty and an area I feel particularly passionate about is Patient Advocacy. I have witnessed firsthand how the medical field can disconnect from patients. Doctors and nurses may be too overwhelmed by patient volume to offer the individual care often needed. And unfortunately, there still is a lack of emphasis on mental health during these times of illness. You may be in need of an advocate to help you organize your thoughts and lay out a plan, decipher communications or aid you in developing support for your family. I have worked with oncology patients at UCLA for 12 years, as well as fertility patients through the Resolve Infertility Association and most recently patients diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. Battling illness can be exhausting, maddening and lonely. I hope to help alleviate some of that burden and explore services and support to keep you informed and strengthen you in the decisions you make in this fight.

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