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Your Emotional

Whether you are struggling through a tough transition in your life, illness, grief, experiencing anxiety or loneliness, trying to navigate a new relationship or blending a new family, I am here to help you develop your skills to find the happiness you deserve.

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I have always enjoyed learning about people. I am constantly inspired by your stories and strength to overcome obstacles. I feel honored to be your confidante in our sessions and to help guide you in your growth. 


Everyone goes through a hard time at some point in their life. But sometimes it feels too overwhelming to handle on your own, or you may not have the social support you need. Reflecting on your past and exploring your future, let's work through this time together.


Better communication is the key in building a happy, healthy relationship. Sometimes it helps to have an objective third person to ask the right questions and listen to both perspectives, highlighting your strengths while helping you to work through difficulties. Here is how I can help you build the partnership you have envisioned.


Group support and process can be extremely beneficial. Speaking with others who relate to what you are going through first hand can heal you 

in a unique way. I will help facilitate this transformation through community sharing.

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